Wednesday, 21 October 2009

So What is co77x??

What is CO77x? or co77x? or c077x? A lot of people asked us that question yesterday and the queries kept on coming! There are rumors that co77x is an upcoming movie. Some say that this is a new virus spreading aroud the world. Some bloggers claim that co77x was deciphered in a graffiti wall. Some even said that it’s just a hoax which is similar to Kanye West is Dead and Balloon Boy. Some even find this five letter acronym weird and scandalous.

Whoever invented the co77x and made it the second most searched term in Google is a genius. Everyone is curious and can’t even sleep because they can’t really define what co77x really means. Does it really have a meaning ro should we be the ones to put meaning to it? We are open to you suggestions!